this is why I love art

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Back Alley – Fort Bragg, CA

The colours are so harmonious - love it!! Power lines are such a pretty thing too

Birch Forest - Andrei Nikolaevich Schilder

Wowee beautiful. 

Albrecht Dürer

Whoa what this guy

by James Turrell
artificial & natural light

Guggenheim Museum

Ahh James Turrell! I’ve always wanted to experience his works. Missed out the last time I was in Canberra but this one looks phenomenal
Henry Colton Shumway - A miniature portrait of Henry Peters Gray, 1842, Watercolour on Ivory. 5.2 x 4 cm
My favourite miniature ever because the skin couldn’t be any more luminous. It baffles me how this was done in watercolour …. it’s almost photographic. Click through for high res!