this is why I love art

jessle (#) dom (#)

by James Turrell
artificial & natural light

Guggenheim Museum

Ahh James Turrell! I’ve always wanted to experience his works. Missed out the last time I was in Canberra but this one looks phenomenal
Henry Colton Shumway - A miniature portrait of Henry Peters Gray, 1842, Watercolour on Ivory. 5.2 x 4 cm
My favourite miniature ever because the skin couldn’t be any more luminous. It baffles me how this was done in watercolour …. it’s almost photographic. Click through for high res!

A Tale by the Way - Harry Watson

Ooohhh the dappled light and application of paint kinda reminds me of Walter Everett…? Fantastic stuff!

Ghostly woodsy fairy thing done in PS5.

John Singer Sargent, Drawing of Emilio Bassi