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Johannes Voß aka Algenpfleger (b. Germany 1988)

I would just like to point out that the artworks in this post were done without references.

The more I think about it, I guess the reason I’m putting him here is not because of his insanely refined, referenceless works but how he managed to get there. He’s the first artist I’ve seen to post pretty much the entirety of his sketches and relentless pursuit of improving himself is just really inspirational.

The sheer amount of work the artist put in… it didn’t occur to me how much work was involved until I saw his CA sketchbook thread. On every page there’s real life studies, book studies, speed paints, stuff from his imagination etc. And his method is just to do studies and apply them with his imaginative work, find faults within those works and repeat. That’s just such a logical and efficient way to improve and I’m not sure why I never did that…

His dedication to art is pretty amazing. In one of the CA posts he said he’d gotten tendonitis in his right (dominant?) arm. Then he started using his left arm to draw but it started showing the same symptoms … so he put the pencil in his mouth and drew. Nothing stops this guy!


Conceptart Sketchbook:

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NNov 16th, 2012

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